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Terms & Conditions of Woodlandfun Forest School

Woodlandfun Forest School is covered by Public Liability  Insurance and Forest School Practitioner's Insurance.


All children/adults attending must be appropriately dressed for woodland conditions.   This includes a good pair of trainers/boots, wellington boots and wet weather coat and trousers.  Old clothes are recommended as you will get dirty! (anyone not appropriately dressed may be excluded for the session).

All children/adults are asked to behave responsibly in Forest School.  The woodland environment can be hazardous and everyone must be willing to adhere to the rules of the forest school site.

Woodlandfun adopts zero tolerance to any acts of discrimination or bullying. Any offenses of this nature will result in dismissal from Forest School.

All sessions involving the use of fire and tools are run under adequate adult supervision and in accordance with the Health and Safety procedures detailed in the handbook.  Any use of tools or fire without supervision or incorrect handling of tools will not be accepted.

All children/adults are asked to be respectful of our site and refrain from littering or causing unnecessary damage or pollution.  We also ask that you be kind to the wildlife and work to protect the environment in which they live.  

Woodlandfun works hard to create a secure and enjoyable space for children/adults to explore and learn. However, we cannot be liable for injuries or incidents resulting from inappropriate behaviour* whilst at Forest School or visiting the Woodlandfun Site. You are responsible for your own safety!




*Unsupervised use of fire/tools, dangerous use of tools, failure to adhere to the Woodlandfun Health&Safety procedures and guidelines, children left unattended by parent/guardian and irresponsible behaviour in the woodland is considered to be “inappropriate behaviour” for which we are not liable.



Children under the age of 16 must have the following form signed by their parent/guardian prior to attending Forest School.



 Consent Form

Child’s Name: ___________________________

I give my consent for my child to participate in

Forest School at Woodlandfun.

This includes the use of Fire and Tools.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions set out by the owner of Woodlandfun.


Parent Name: _____________________________

Signature: ________________________________


Emergency Contact No: _____________________________

Medical Information: ___________________________________________________