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Hello and welcome to my Wild Blog!  Here you can catch up on all the day to day goings-on at Woodlandfun.  There's always something new and exciting occurring in the woods so what better way to share these experinces with you than on my own blog...so take a look and enjoy!  Oh, and let me know your thoughts too!

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By Woodlandfun, Sep 25 2017 03:39PM

Here's a little bird pod I made whilst practicing my willow weaving skills. We'll be making these (or similar versions of) in forest school this autumn The kids will learn to weave and make cordage and there's spinning fleece going on too! I think I would quite like to live in here for the winter, looks cosy!

By Woodlandfun, Jul 8 2017 08:38PM

You would not believe the hours I have spent down at the pond waiting to witness the arrival of a new born dragonfly. I would always see them post-emergence, drying their wings or just find the empty shells of the nymphs still clasping into the reeds. But this morning I finally saw my first brand new emergence. The picture isn't great as I only had an iphone to hand and the dragonfly was tucked well into the reedbed.

By Woodlandfun, Jun 2 2017 11:05AM

We've been exploring our wild pond as part of our plants studies with the year 2 group. It was interesting to spot some of the creatures lurking in the blanket weed. They also braved the nettles and made some tasty wild garlic and nettle bread.

By Woodlandfun, May 20 2017 07:30PM

My absolute favourite time of year is bluebell time. I absolutely love this messenger of summer and this year has been brilliant. It's not often you see wildflowers that are so vibrant. Stumbing upon a expanse of bluebells can stop you in your tracks and make you take a moment to enjoy the view!

By Woodlandfun, Mar 10 2017 08:03PM

The year 1 class came out to enjoy some fun stick man activities in the forest today! We made some stick characters and the children made some wonderful limericks to re-enact. Here's one I helped with..

"there was a stick man who climbed up a tree

to say "hello" to a bumble bee.

He slipped on a log and fell onto a dog

Who carried him home to have tea!

There was fun on the jungle gym at lunch break and lots of mud thrown in too.

By Woodlandfun, Feb 11 2017 05:12PM

How exciting and what a privilage it was to be able to help out one of my resident tawny owls! It was napping in behind the shelving in the craft barn. I have seen it flying out from behind the canopy a couple of times before. I must have startled it and as it flapped it's wings to leave it got one caught in a loop of string hanging off the post. It just sat there quietly and let me take it up in my hands and free it's wing. Massive eyes and so so soft. Underneath all the feathers it has a really small body. I lifted it out and checked it was okay then released it. I would have loved to have got a pic before it flew away but I was more concerned about getting the poor thing free then trying to capture the moment.

By Woodlandfun, Feb 10 2017 05:15PM

Winter has not been a friend to my outdoor shower. I noticed the water inlet pipe had split so thought it best to get it changed out and then do a water test to make sure the shower was in good working order. So, after changing the water pipe and 2 trips to B&Q for parts I turned on the mains only to get soaked in water bursting out of the back of the flow control valve. GREAT! On removing it, it was clear the join was cracked so thought best to get a new one. £50 later it arrived. Having installed said new valve I did a pressure test to make sure it was fitted snugly. All good, apart from a drip that soon became a dribble of water coming from inside the waterheater...ugghh. Luckily I had a spare heater to hand so promptly fitted it with plenty of ptfe tape to seal the joints on the pipes which are now looking slightly worse for ware with constant undoing and redoing. All reconnected I turned on the heater and tested the new control valve. Water came out but not for the 50/70secs as was guaranteed on the advert. 5 seconds at best and the valve shut off. So, I turned up the water pressure and tried again. Same issue. Decided to try with hot water so put new batteries in the waterheater and connected the gas. ...cold water. Disconnected the gas, tested the outlet and gas most certainly coming out so reconnected it and tried again...cold water. Check the controls on the heater, took the heater to bits, checked all the wiring and tried with the cover off to see of I was getting a spark. Definately fire but no gas. Cold and frustrated I put the heater cover back on and went to pack up and go home. Something made me give it one last try. In a temper I turned all the controls the opposite way to what the diagrams suggested, set to summer, water pressure high and fire control low. Well, hey presto...the heater fired up and hot steaming water came pouring out the shower. Horrah! victory!

By Woodlandfun, Jan 29 2017 04:58PM

Oh my lordy! I've discovered THE most amazing product for cleaning my dirty green canvases! A job that last year took 16 weeks to complete was done in 2 1/2 hours!! yes, that's right folks! Wet&Forget alge mould and mildew cleaner. Just spray it on and then just sit back and let the weather clean the canvas. Works on ALL outside surfaces! Don't believe me? check out the before and after. This is after just 5 days after spraying.

By Woodlandfun, Jan 29 2017 04:45PM

Finally I have finished the willow tunnel at Stoke Canon School. Due to a bumper sunny summer it had an enormous amount of new growth, every bit of which I have twisted into the roof canopy. The largest new stems have been cut and replanted to give growth to the sides of the tunnel so fingers crossed it will take this spring and start to thicken up where there are holes. I'm excited to see how it looks in full leaf!

By Woodlandfun, Jan 12 2017 09:28PM

double ended baby spoon, one end is for a very little mouth, the other for when they grow up. Re-made after I snapped the first effort (pics on my facebook page if you really want to see the disaster). Carved with shape and texture to make it tactile and interesting for a young child to hold and learn to use themselves.

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